Today’s must-click link: Realignment debate runs really deep


Last night we talked about how one of the ideas being kicked around for NHL realignment involves seeing the Detroit Red Wings swapping places with the Winnipeg Jets putting the Wings in the Southeast Division and the Jets in the Central.

While that’s all well and good for getting Detroit in the East and Winnipeg in the West, it doesn’t make a lot of geographical sense to have Detroit lumped in with the Florida teams and Carolina. The issue of realignment is a big one and a convoluted one as well and it’s something the NHL Board of Governors has to get figured out in December if it’s going to happen next season.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie, who dropped the knowledge about the possible Detroit-Winnipeg switcheroo, spelled out all the possibilities that are out there for the Board of Governors to check out. It’s a long read, but it’s well worth your time to get caught up. There’ll be a quiz in December when the NHL’s final plan gets announced.