No one likes a bargain: Eric Nystrom clears re-entry waivers

If other NHL GMs played “Let’s Make A Deal” they obviously felt like they could get something better behind Door #2 rather than taking a shot with half-priced energy forward Eric Nystrom. Michael Russo of the Star Tribune reports that Nystrom has cleared re-entry waivers and is back with the Wild for at least the time being.

Nystrom had two years left on his contract paying him $1.4 million a year, but on re-entry waivers, any team claiming him would only pay half that while the Wild would be on the hook for the other half. Instead, Nystrom is back in Minnesota and the Wild roster sits at 24 players, one guy too many. The Wild can either put a player on injured reserve, make a trade, or send Nystrom back to their AHL team in Houston to make room.

It seems baffling that none of the other 29 teams would grab Nystrom at the discounted price, but we’re still awfully early in the season and many teams are reticent to make an addition without having a corresponding move. Still, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth – you jump on that sucker and ride off laughing all the way. For those other GMs, perhaps they’ll find a donkey behind Door #2 instead.

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