Eric Nystrom is a fourth line bargain on re-entry waivers

When the Wild waived their guy under a black cloud, Eric Nystrom, it seemed like they were piling on after Nystrom caught hell from fans for his part in Taylor Fedun’s accident breaking his leg. A freak accident coupled with Internet outrage followed up by getting sent to the AHL makes for a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

The Wild did their part to try and help Nystrom out by putting him on recall waivers yesterday. It sure beats getting a set of headphones and a party at the owner’s house at least.

By noon Eastern time, we’ll find out if there’s redemption for Nystrom. If a team claims Nystrom, they’ll get him at half-price ($700,000) for this season and next. At that rate it’s worth it to take a shot on a guy able to play tough, physical hockey on the fourth line. Nystrom has done well in the past in his career in Calgary and had a solid season in Minnesota last year. Things were a bit rougher for him this preseason.

The Star Tribune’s Michael Russo says that if Nystrom does sneak through re-entry waivers, the Wild will have to make a move to get him back on the roster. Chances are, however, that a guy with Nystrom’s game coming through at half-price likely won’t get by everyone.

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