Meanwhile… Matt Calvert saves face

While Pierre-Marc Bouchard is busy trying to save himself from being suspended two games for high-sticking Matt Calvert, Calvert is recovering from the blow himself.

Calvert had one tooth knocked out and two others partially broken thanks to the stick in the face and also received stitches in his upper lip. Bouchard might not have intended to do damage to Calvert, but Calvert’s dentist is thankful for the extra work nonetheless. Since Calvert’s a hockey player, he returned to the game Saturday night after getting hit in the mouth.

We here at PHT would’ve been collectively milking the injury to get gift baskets from family and a party from friends after recovering. Give us a break, life is hard in our parents’ basement. The Blue Jackets face the Canucks tonight in Columbus and Calvert appears ready to play.

Life fact confirmed: Hockey players are tougher than you.

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