Shanahan explains Bouchard suspension; Agent: “shameful farce for the league”


Pierre-Marc Bouchard’s two-game suspension by the league has caught many by surprise including his agent, Allan Walsh.

Walsh explained in a fiery diatribe to Star Tribue writer Michael Russo that the league’s way of handling the case is nothing more than a “kangaroo court” and calls the resulting suspension, “a shameful farce for the league.”


Bouchard was suspended for his high stick to Columbus’ Matt Calvert that caught Calvert in the mouth and sent him off bleeding from the mouth and missing a couple teeth. While Bouchard was combating Calvert on a face off, it appeared that Calvert’s stick lift managed to do all the damage. Intentional shot to the face? It sure didn’t seem that way.

Brendan Shanahan gave his explanation for the Shanaban via video as per usual.