Video: Sidney Crosby discusses head shots, rehab process

Hits to the head were a hot topic in hockey well before Sidney Crosby suffered from checks on consecutive nights (one from David Steckel, the next via Victor Hedman). You only need to turn to Crosby’s teammate Matt Cooke, who landed that controversial hit on Marc Savard, permanently altering the course of the talented passer’s career.

No doubt about it, the story went from a building concern to a locomotive once Crosby sat out half of the 2010-11 season after starting off hotter than ever, though. It’s hard not to think about what could have been tonight, as the Penguins take on the 2011 Stanley Cup finalist Vancouver Canucks. (Currently in progress.)

While his return date is still in the air, it seems like Crosby is making progress. The NHL is already attempting to improve the way it legislates questionable hits, including enforcing head shots in a more straightforward way. Still, it’s interesting to hear Crosby’s take on the situation.

Check out this video for Crosby’s thoughts on how the league can improve its procedures regarding questionable hits, as well as insight regarding his rehabilitation.

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