Aaron Boogaard has felony charge dropped in connection to Derek’s death

Aaron Boogaard can breathe a little easier now in the wake of his brother Derek Boogaard’s death. Aaron had criminal charges filed against him linking him to the drug overdose death of his brother, a twist that helped make an already horribly sad story even worse.

A slight bit of vindication for him now as the felony third-degree charge of drug possession was tossed out of court. Boogaard still has a gross misdemeanor charge for interfering with a crime scene against him, however. The tragic death of Derek Boogaard struck his family hard and seeing such tough charges being brought against Aaron made the story more tragic.

Now with this much behind him and a contract with the Minnesota Wild’s farm team, Aaron will look to get life back to normal and hope to honor his brother’s legacy in the AHL. Perhaps the family can soon close the book on this ugly part of Derek’s sad story.

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