Baby steps: Sidney Crosby cleared to practice without contact

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We’ve all been tracking Sidney Crosby’s recovery from the concussion he suffered back in January with an almost obsessive nature. Seeing the game’s biggest player get back on the ice to perform at the highest level is something everyone should hope to see. As players headed to their team’s respective training camps today and tomorrow, that also means it’s time for physicals. According to Josh Yohe of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Crosby was cleared to practice with the Penguins without contact.

Crosby’s progress in coming back from the concussion(s) suffered in January thanks to a collision with David Steckel and a hit from Victor Hedman in separate games has been closely monitored and very carefully measured. When Crosby spoke with the media recently, he said there was no way he was going to be retiring from hockey despite the extreme care taken to make sure he can come back and that he can’t wait to get back out there. Now he’ll get to do just that.

Being able to practice without contact is pretty self explanatory but it also means he gets to do all the drills and workout with the team at full speed, he’s just not going to be going absolutely full blast the same way everyone else would be. It’s a small step in his recovery but a big moment just the same as the Penguins and their fans look forward to getting Crosby back on the ice.

The key part now is how Crosby’s health responds to taking this next step. If there are any setbacks, that will again slow the process down and make sure that Crosby is reevaluated. With how far along he is now, everyone is hopeful that won’t happen.