NHL Network will carry ‘That’s Hockey’ during this year’s research and development camp

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For the second straight summer, new rules and budding prospects will be tested at the 2011 NHL Research, Development and Orientation Camp. That intriguing – and maybe even fruitful – process is scheduled this week, on Wednesday and Thursday. You can be sure that Pro Hockey Talk will be on top of the notable developments just like last year, whether the testing involves small tweaks or out-there concepts that have very little chance of ever seeing the light of day.

In fact, we’ve already covered some of the bases. Check out these articles for a quick refresher on the August 17 and 18th camps.

So, again, PHT should be all over the R & D camp. That being said, if you want even more coverage, the US version of the NHL Network will air TSN’s “That’s Hockey” on Wednesday and Thursday. Gino Reda hosts the show, which features a panel of experts, analysis and some interviews. The hourly program will air at 7 pm ET on Wednesday and Thursday.