Wayne Gretzky plays role of agent for baseball playing son, Trevor


Picture, if you will, that you’re the general manager of the Chicago Cubs, Jim Hendry. You’ve drafted Wayne Gretzky’s son, Trevor and it’s time to work out a contract with the youngster to get him into minor league camp and start on the road to a potential career in Major League Baseball. You pick up the phone to dial up Gretzky’s agent and end up on the phone with one of the greatest players in NHL history to talk turkey about a deal.

Wayne Gretzky the player agent? That’s not intimidating at all. Gulp.

That’s just what the case was for Hendry as he signed Trevor Gretzky to a contract with the Cubs as CSNChicago.com’s Patrick Mooney reports. The son of  “The Great One” is slated to potentially be a big time player in baseball and given his athletic bloodlines, there’s every reason to think he’s capable of achieving big things.

At 6’4″ and 190 pounds, Trevor is bigger than his father but just as wiry. Considering that Gretzky is hoping to become a big time hitter in the major leagues, putting on a few more pounds wouldn’t hurt him. That said, having his old man negotiating his deal and helping him in signing on with the Cubs, a deal that includes a $375,000 signing bonus, clearly the Gretzky name is worth a lot of money in more than one sport these days.