Poll results: PHT readers don’t just like the new Jets logo, they like it more than the old one


Every now and then, there’s a silent majority. Significant amounts of people provided boisterous criticisms of the Winnipeg Jets’ new logo designs – some from the comments section, some from their own blogs. If you were to follow a lot of the snarky comments from Twitter and other sections of the Internet, it’s hard to avoid the feeling that True North unleashed a sequel to the Buffalo Sabres’ disastrous Buffaslug.

Even the people who did like (or at least tolerate) the design made a rather important qualifying statement: they thought the classic design still reigns supreme. Some would get mad at the new Winnipeg Jets for jettisoning an icon that brings about waves of nostalgia.

For hours, days and weeks, we heard the passionate reactions of many people, yet the feelings of the masses weren’t put into numbers. Once the logo was unveiled, we asked readers for a bit more insight than just a simple “Yay or Nay?” question. With the undeniable nostalgiagic ties in mind, we polled PHT readers with three choices about the new logo: 1) Did you like it even more than the old logo? 2) Did you like it, but not as much as the original? or 3) Did you dislike it altogether?

Here are the results from polling that began on July 22.

source: (click image to enlarge)

As you can see, almost half of all responders (47.51 percent) liked the new logo even more than the previous model. When you combine that group with the 29.14 percent who liked it – but not as much as the old design – that reveals about 76.65 percent of voters who were happy about the new logo to at least some degree. Meanwhile, 577 of the 2,471 voters (23.35 percent) didn’t like it.

Considering how well the Jets merchandise is selling, it makes sense that a lot of people enjoy the new look. Personally, I’d probably fall somewhere between “Like it, but not as much as the old Jets logo” and sheer indifference – the concept is clean and nice, but a bit on the bland side.

My thought process doesn’t fall in line with most responders, though. Still have some things to say about the new logos? Feel free to share your seasoned feedback in the comments. Surely we’ll have a lot of fun examining the jerseys once the Jets finally roll those out, too.