Report: NHL shoots down Vancouver selling broadcast rights to potential Stanley Cup parade


It’s always a bit of fun with Canucks fans. In the past they’ve been busted for planning a Stanley Cup parade while in the midst of the first or second round of the playoffs. That’s always good for a laugh when they would inevitably run into Chicago and get bounced out of the playoffs.

But what about planning on selling the broadcast rights to the Stanley Cup parade they’ve yet to clinch? As it turns out, that too is a bit of a no-no as Fluto Shinzawa of The Boston Globe reports today.

According to a source, the Canucks were shopping around the rights to broadcast the potential celebration parade in Vancouver but the NHL stepped in saying that parade broadcast rights aren’t up for grabs like that. It’s a smart move for the league to shoot this down and let’s face it, if Vancouver does win it all those rights would likely go for a hefty amount. After all, who wouldn’t want to broadcast the most debaucherous and insane parade since Patrick Kane showed the world what a drunken championship bender looks like last summer in Chicago.

We’re sure some fans will look at this as a way for Vancouver to invite the bogeyman called “karma” into their lives and lead to an eventual Stanley Cup loss for the Canucks. If you’re in the business of believing that things that have absolutely nothing to do with what goes on on the ice have an effect on the game, then hey, good for you. In reality, this is just a team trying to be prepared for what would likely end up being the biggest party in the city’s history.

Yes, even bigger than Team Canada winning the gold medal last year in Vancouver.