Video: Milan Lucic and Alex Burrows renew their silly hostilities in Game 5

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After all we saw earlier in this series between Alex Burrows and Milan Lucic in this series after Burrows got away with biting Patrice Bergeron and Lucic taunted Burrows with his fingers, we figured after the league decided to step up in their punishment of taunting that that would be the end of things.

Of course, that’s never how it works in the end and hostilities and acquaintances were renewed in the first period of tonight’s Game 5.

Late in the period during a neutral zone faceoff, Lucic and Burrows jockeyed for position outside of the draw spot. Burrows did his part to incite things by stepping over Lucic’s stick. Lucic then in an effort to get into the play tripped up Burrows causing Burrows to flop to the ice. Lucic was sent to the box for tripping while Burrows got two minutes for diving.

Boys will be boys… We guess.

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