Canucks get aggressive, stop Bruins power play end first period 0-0 in Game 5

The Canucks were looking to get a change of pace going in Game 5 and so far they’ve got that even in spite of there being no score after one period of play. Vancouver has come out and started throwing the body around in a big way outhitting the Bruins 23-13 after one period. Vancouver has picked up their aggression and they’re playing better hockey in many ways that they didn’t during Games 3 and 4 in Boston.

One way they’re not doing so well is in the discipline department. The Canucks gave up three power plays to the Bruins and while they’ve stopped all three of them, they’re keeping Roberto Luongo awfully busy outshooting the Canucks 12-6 after one period. After all the criticism that’s been heaped upon Luongo after his miserable play in Boston, he’s looked especially sharp so far in this one.

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We’ve also had some of the dramatic as Maxim Lapierre was trying to ham up a stick jab from Zdeno Chara to draw a call, something that drew the attention of Dennis Seidenberg. During a late face off, Alex Burrows was attempting to jockey for position with Milan Lucic, stepping over Lucic’s stick in the process. Lucic then tried to move his stick out of the way tripping up Burrows in the process putting him on the ice. Both players were put in the box, Burrows being called for diving. For all the good we’ve seen in the first period, we’ve got a healthy amount of nonsense. Here’s to hoping the latter gets cut out entirely in the second.

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