Video: Hockey Central gives an early look at the 2011 Stanley Cup finals

(Want PHT’s own early take on the 2011 Stanley Cup finals matchup between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks? If so, click here to read our first look at how we think the two teams will stack up against each other.)

Despite the fact that Canucks haven’t been to the Cup finals since 1994 while the Bruins’ last visit came in ’90, it’s not outrageously shocking that the two teams made it this far. Both teams began the 2010-11 season with solid expectations, particularly in the case of Vancouver. They delivered as many expected, too, with Boston taking the Northwest Division and third seed in the East while the Canucks won the Presidents Trophy (and thus, the Northwest).

If you asked someone who would win this series in April, it’s likely that more people would have chosen the Canucks, but it would have been a close call. The perceptive gap between the two teams probably grew in the playoffs (you can let us know if that’s true by voting in the Stanley Cup poll though), making Vancouver an even stronger favorite. Keith Jones and Jeremy Roenick provide their own thoughts on the upcoming series for Hockey Central below.

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