Video: Keith Jones and Jeremy Roenick preview Boston-Tampa Bay Game 3

After the first two games of the Eastern Conference finals, we’re not totally sure we recognize all that’s going on between these two previously very defensive-minded teams. After seeing 18 total goals scored through the first two games of this series, however, we’re starting to wonder if perhaps firewagon hockey is back in effect for good.

While it’s all good fun for us to see such fast paced games with healthy amounts of goals thrown in for good measure, both the Bruins and Lightning will be looking to lock things down tighter and try to keep their opponents off the scoreboard. The Lightning’s vaunted 1-3-1 defensive attack and the Bruins physical defense have both been enchantingly absent so far in this series.

Versus’ Liam McHugh talks with Keith Jones and Jeremy Roenick to break down what the Bruins need to do to get back to the defensive game plan that got them this far in the playoffs. After all, giving up five goals per game isn’t exactly a winning formula.

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