Thrashers fans plan rally for Saturday, Manitoba Premier says taxpayers won’t foot bill

Let’s take a quick look at the latest bit of Atlanta Thrashers/Winnipeg/True North news, shall we?

  • In case you didn’t follow yesterday’s scuttlebutt, the word was that True North was looking to the city of Winnipeg to help deal with some debt to purchase the Thrashers.

If you believe Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger, then taxpayers won’t be responsible for that burden. Selinger said that the province “has no interest in supporting the operations of a professional hockey team,” according to The Canadian Press.

Here are a few more details from that report.

He says the province also doesn’t have anything to do with the negotiations between True North Sports and Entertainment Ltd. and the Atlanta Thrashers.

But Selinger says the province will do what it can to help make the city a desirable place to relocate the Thrashers.

He says the province could help with any renovations that might need to be done to the MTS Centre to support a team.

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