Your video moment of zen: Finnish coach Pasi Nurminen takes a header and dents World Championship trophy

Never let it be said that Finns don’t know how to party.

Earlier today we shared the story of how wild Finland celebrated their 2011 IIHF World Championship gold medal victory over neighboring rival Sweden. As it turns out, the players and even coaches all celebrate just as hard. Or at least we have to assume they do.

Thanks to Sportsnet’s Mark Spector for sharing this video link on Twitter we find out that Finnish coach and former Thrashers goaltender Pasi Nurminen can do a killer impression of former President Gerald Ford.

Nurminen was headed down the steps getting off the team airplane after arriving from Slovakia and took a tumble not unlike those we’ve seen outside of the local watering hole at closing time.

Well that’s just embarrassing. What’s more embarrassing still is that the fall was apparently hard enough to put a dent into the championship trophy as Nurminen fell head first into it. This video gives away the mystery.

We’ve always been a bit partial to Finland when not rooting for Team USA here at PHT, but all this tells us is that if there’s a party to be had that we’ve got to go to Finland to find it.

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