Video: Jeremy Roenick gives Patrick Marleau his due after scoring game-winning goal

It was a tough series for Patrick Marleau against the Detroit Red Wings. He struggled to get points through the first six games of the series as he was unable to get either a goal or an assist. Marleau’s struggles in the past in the playoffs linger in the minds of Sharks fans and critics alike and even get the attention of former teammates.

Such was the case with Jeremy Roenick as he ripped Marleau for his play after a Game 5 loss that saw Marleau meander through the game and not play like the team’s leading scorer. Roenick was pointed and truthful in his take calling Marleau “gutless” for his effort and saying that he knew he could play better. Roenick hoped that Marleau would prove him wrong and fortunately for both guys, that’s just what happened.

After the Sharks’ Game 7 win over the Red Wings that saw Marleau score the game-winning goal in the third period and had him forcing his play all the more, Roenick gave credit where credit was due in praising Marleau’s play. I think we can all rest easy now that we’ve been able to force Roenick to give in and act like a regular commentator on television. Make sure your sarcasm detector is turned on there.

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