Video: Jeremy Roenick hopes Patrick Marleau makes him eat his words


For hockey fans without a horse in the race, each Detroit Red Wings win against the San Jose Sharks has been a little gift. Not only do those Red Wings wins make for more playoff games, it extends a series that features some of the most talented players in the NHL. The hockey hasn’t always been perfect, but the pace of these games have been outstanding.

Of course, there’s another reason they’ve been great theater: they provide more opportunities for moments of great drama. Like, say, Jeremy Roenick describing Patrick Marleau’s performance as “gutless,” for instance.

Roenick and Keith Jones provided some interesting insight regarding tonight’s upcoming Game 6 between the Red Wings and Sharks, but many will wonder if Roenick has anything else to say about Marleau. Roenick delivered in that regard, saying that he hopes Marleau makes him eat “every one of his words” regarding the former Sharks captain’s performance in the playoffs.

Check out the video for the entirety of that blurb as well as more analysis from Jones and Roenick.

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