Brent Seabrook will miss his second straight game tonight


The Chicago Blackhawks earned back some believers in their dominant 7-2 win in Game 4, but tonight’s game is going to be a bigger challenge. It’ll be tougher for two reasons: Game 5 will take place in Vancouver instead of Chicago and they must win again without defenseman Brent Seabrook (according to Tracey Myers of CSN Chicago).

While Chicago dominated that Game 4 win thanks in part to the return of two-way center Dave Bolland (one goal, three assists), they will miss a player like Seabrook in a game like this. At full strength, Seabrook sports a rare mixture of hard-hitting defense and solid offensive acumen.

Naturally, every game is a big one this time of year, especially for a team on the brink of elimination like the Blackhawks. Yet that’s also good justification to keep him out of this game; if he cannot play at full speed, he might hinder rather than help his team.

In case you weren’t following the action, Seabrook is banged up after taking two big hits from Canucks forward Raffi Torres. Huge but limited defenseman John Scott will play instead of Seabrook, Myers reports.

We’ll let you know if Seabrook ends up being healthy enough for Game 6 … if the Blackhawks make it that far, that is.