Video: Every goal from Rangers’ 3-2 win over Capitals

Even though this game was much, much bigger for the New York Rangers than the Washington Capitals, both teams played their hearts out. Ultimately, the Rangers’ hard work paid off as they beat the Capitals 3-2 to cut Washington’s series lead to 2-1.

The Rangers can breathe a sigh of relief because a 3-0 deficit would probably be too much for a team that isn’t exactly explosive on offense. Both of their losses were bitterly fought, low-scoring games that could have gone either way (even if the Capitals deserved to win).

Washington shouldn’t be too concerned with the loss, although they must steel themselves to the likely possibility that this isn’t going to be easy. It’s quite likely that they will need to grind through three or four more games to get those needed two W’s. This result makes another first round disappointment a legitimate possibility, too.

Both teams scored big goals, but the Rangers were able to beat a suffocating Capitals defense enough times to earn a huge win. Brandon Dubinsky showed that he’s more than a man with an astonishing mustache, scoring a crucial goal for the Blueshirts. Alex Ovechkin and the Caps offense started to break through a bit, but not as much as Dubinsky & Co.

Want to see all the goals? Check them out in the highlight package below.

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