Video: Referees eventually approve Alex Ovechkin’s game-tying goal

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In case you’re not tuning into Versus as of this writing (may we ask why?), the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals are currently locked up at 1-1 in the first overtime period.

After the Rangers took a 1-0 lead, Alex Ovechkin appeared to notch the tying goal by never giving up on a third period play. Yet it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that the tally would count, as the on-ice officials seemed reluctant to make the call.

As you can see from the video clip below, it’s obvious that the overly criticized Capitals star scored that goal. The puck clearly crossed the red line before any whistle was audible, although it’s important to note that officials might have determined that they “intended” to blow a whistle even if one couldn’t be heard.

(It’s easy to criticize that rule, and no doubt, it’s hard not to sometimes. That being said, what if an official tried to do so in an extremely noisy arena? What if a sweaty hand loosens his grip? The rule kinda sorta makes sense when you think about the hypothetical situations.)

Anyway, here’s video of that not-so controversial goal. Now turn on Versus or get to a bar/restaurant that is showing the games. Please.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!