Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall will miss final two games, be ready for playoffs

Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall has missed the last five games for Detroit with an upper body injury and he’s going to miss two more before the season is over with. With the Wings closing out their season with two games against the playoff hopeful Chicago Blackhawks, Kronwall will be sitting out those final two games so he’s ready to go at the start of the playoffs next week.

We’re not sure if that news is more upsetting for Red Wings fans or Dallas Stars fans as Kronwall’s presence on the ice is one that opponents must take note of lest they get physically crushed. For the Stars, they were hoping Detroit could have him out there to disrupt the Blackhawks and help the Stars attempt to get into the playoffs by knocking off Chicago.

Instead, Chicago gets to face off against an injury weary Detroit team that’s without Kronwall and likely without Henrik Zetterberg as well. While Detroit could still land the two seed in the Western Conference playoffs (they’re just one point behind San Jose), it’s clear their focus is just to get everyone healthy and ready for the playoffs.

This doesn’t mean that Detroit is going to roll over in their final two games with Chicago, rivalries have that way of making sure the blood pressure still runs high, but with Chicago having all the motivation in the world to win and Detroit trying to not get anyone else hurt you could see how a little heat might be off of tonight’s game in Detroit.

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