Dan Hamhuis’ speedy recovery could have him back in Canucks lineup for playoffs

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When Vancouver defenseman Dan Hamhuis went out with a concussion on March 26, many worried that having him suffer his second one this season that he’d have some trouble in recovering and getting back into the Canucks lineup.

With many people worrying about how much time a player needs to take off to be able to recover from a concussion, we’re left to wonder if perhaps Hamhuis is made of sterner stuff than a regular human. Hamhuis’ recovery is going well and he’s again skating with the team.

Things are going so well for Hamhuis that he’s aiming to perhaps play in the Canucks final game of the year to get him warmed up and ready to go in the playoffs.

Hamhuis practised with the Canucks on Thursday for the first time since being concussed in a March 26 game against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Hamhuis hopes to play Saturday when the NHL-leading Canucks wrap up their regular season against the Flames in Calgary.

“Things have been going really well,” Hamuis said. “If they continue to go that way it would be great to get a game in before the playoffs. I have been feeling good for a while and have been symptom free for a while. All the workouts and skating have gone really well so far.”

That grumbling you hear is coming from every other team in the Western Conference playoffs.

Getting Hamhuis in the lineup along with other recent returnee Alex Edler helps make the Canucks that much more formidable along the blue line and looking more like the big, nasty team that dominated play all throughout the season. Hamhuis’ presence as a defensive defenseman and Edler’s as an all-around threat helps make Vancouver that much better.

Vancouver has been relying on a host of players from the AHL to help steady things while they’ve dealt with various injuries. Suffice to say, Hamhuis and Edler make for major upgrades to their blue line corps and makes Vancouver an even more difficult team to match up against in the playoffs. Just what the top team in the Stanley Cup playoffs needed… To be even better.