Ben Eager wins Goal of the Week (March 28-April 3)

Every week, Pro Hockey Talk will ask our readers to choose the best goal and save of that seven-day period. Sometimes there might not be seven nominees, whether that be because there weren’t enough great clips or one person received multiple awards. Either way, readers ultimately get to choose each week’s lucky winners.

If you picture a player who would produce the Goal of the Week, Ben Eager isn’t exactly the first guy who comes to mind. Yet Eager didn’t win the March 28-April 3rd award based on shock value alone, as he showed some impressive hands in scoring a beauty of a backhand goal during the San Jose Sharks’ beating of the Los Angeles Kings.

In a way, it reminds me of Darren McCarty scoring a highlight reel goal for the Detroit Red Wings during the 1997 Stanley Cup finals. These kind of goals show that there are plenty of players who can show flourishes of legitimate talent, even if their primary roles revolve around dirty work.

Here are the poll results.

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You can watch Eager’s great goal below.

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