Refs throw Todd Bertuzzi out of Blackhawks-Red Wings game for elbow on Ryan Johnson


A player getting ejected from a game for throwing an elbow is a borderline news story in today’s NHL, but when that player is notorious Detroit Red Wings forward Todd Bertuzzi, the buzz increases substantially.

Bertuzzi received a five-minute major penalty and game misconduct after elbowing Chicago Blackhawks forward Ryan Johnson in the head. (Click here for video of the hit.)

Will Bertuzzi receive a fine or a suspension on top of the in-game punishment? That’s anyone’s guess. There are a few factors working for and against the infamous once-power forward:

Why he might get suspended:

  • His name is Todd Bertuzzi.
  • It was an elbow to the head and Bertuzzi turned his back to Johnson, which might indicate that there was some frustration involved.
  • Also, his name is Todd Bertuzzi.

Why he might not get suspended:

  • It wasn’t an overly egregious hit, from an admittedly subjective perspective.
  • Johnson left the game briefly, but returned (at least during the first period), so a lack of serious injury – at the moment – might play in Bertuzzi’s favor.
  • Bertuzzi was booted from the game, so some might feel he already had his moment in “time out.”

Overall, it would be surprising if Bertuzzi received more than a game and it’s possible he will leave with a fine or less. But how do you feel he should be treated? Let us know in the comments.