Marc Savard is reportedly worried about memory loss related to concussions

More and more, it looks like Marc Savard might be wise to consider retiring from the NHL.

No doubt about it, seeing Savard retire in the middle of his prime as one of the league’s most gifted passers would be a sad thing to witness. In many ways, Savard would become this decade’s Pat LaFontaine – a great offensive player whose career was cut short by concussions. Yet as sad as it would be to never see him play again, you also have to consider the human being involved. Let’s face it, though, Savard didn’t look like the same player this season, anyway.

Unfortunately, no news seems to be good news for the concussion-addled center, as each update seemingly drops another layer of negativity on the situation. The latest update comes from ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun, who reports that a source told him Savard is “having real memory problems and is worried about it.”

Memory loss is one of the many disturbing symptoms of concussions, so this is something Savard must take seriously.

Considering the problems Savard has been facing, it makes Mark Recchi’s comments about Max Pacioretty that much more regrettable. Maybe Pacioretty isn’t dealing with the same symptoms as Savard or Patrice Bergeron, but concussions range in severity and effects.

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