Comeback updates: Video of Sidney Crosby practicing, the latest on Zach Parise

While only one player’s potential return will likely have a chance to make an impact on this season’s playoffs, Sidney Crosby and Zach Parise seem like they are progressing toward returns for the Pittsburgh Penguins and New Jersey Devils respectively.

There’s nothing particularly concrete about Crosby’s return, but the video at the bottom of this post is pretty impressive. Then again, there’s a significant difference between completing drills and playing full-contact hockey.

While Crosby’s comeback is still unclear, it sounds like Parise could play in an NHL game in less than a week. Tom Gulitti reports that Parise didn’t specifically say it, but it looks like he might be back as early as Wednesday’s home game against the New York Islanders.

Parise told Gulitti that he thinks “a couple more practices will do it.” While I openly wondered about the wisdom of his return, if he can do so without jeopardizing his big-picture future, then all the power to him. It’s almost certainly too late for the New Jersey Devils to make the playoffs, but it’s not too late for Parise to earn himself some more bucks as a restricted free agent.

Anyway, enjoy this video of Crosby practicing, from

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