Video: Kris Letang changed positions in juniors, becomes an All-Star defenseman in NHL

If you look at Kris Letang’s full season numbers alone, it might be natural to think that he still has a chance to win the Norris Trophy. After all, it’s tough to scoff at a 46 point campaign, especially since there are plenty of games left.

Yet there shouldn’t be any doubt that he’s struggling quite a bit now that the Pittsburgh Penguins have been without Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin for a prolonged period of time. Still, those concerns are mainly in the short term. The bottom line is that Letang is a talented, young asset on the team’s blue line.

After watching the offensive defenseman skate, pass and shoot, it makes sense that he spent many of his hockey days as a forward. The video below details the fact that he changed positions as a teenager, moving from forward to defense. Several years later, he made the 2011 NHL All-Star team, so it looks like he made the right choice.

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