Sidney Crosby’s father Troy also shoots down retirement rumors

Just in case there was any doubt remaining about the seemingly far-fetched idea of Sidney Crosby’s family pushing for him to retire, the star center’s father shot down that idea.

ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun caught up with Troy Crosby, who denied Bob McCown’s claims. Crosby’s father simply said that his family is just trying to get him healthy again, noting that “However long that takes, that’s how long it’s going to take.”

This backs up the refutations offered by Crosby’s agent Pat Brisson, which we noted two days ago. Brisson also said that he’s making progress, but there is “no time table” for his return.

One final note: for those of you starving for any morsels of information regarding his status, Hockey Night in Canada’s Cassie Campbell notes that Crosby has been “shooting in [the] Pens’ shooting gallery” but hasn’t resumed skating just yet. We’ll keep you updated about his status, which still clearly seems in limbo (even if he’s far from quitting forever at this point).

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