Blues forward David Perron shut down for the season due to concussion issues

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While we’ve seen and heard plenty about Sidney Crosby and his struggles in returning from a concussion (including some outlandish stories), St. Louis Blues forward David Perron has been out of action since November 4th.

In a game against the Sharks, Perron sustained a blow to the head from Sharks captain Joe Thornton as Thornton was leaving the penalty box. Perron never saw him coming and Thornton connected with a vicious shot to the head of Perron.

With Perron continuing to struggle recovering from his concussion, the Blues are opting to shut down Perron for the remainder of the season. St. Louis is essentially out of the running for the playoffs in the Western Conference and getting Perron healthy so he can play next season is their top priority for him now. Stressing him out  in trying to get him back on the ice before the end of the season would do him no favors in trying to recover, and shutting him down should help him in his efforts to eventually get back on the ice.

With Perron setting the tone now, all eyes turn to Crosby as to whether or not he’ll play again this year. Teams are clearly taking the treatment of concussions more serious now and whether or not the NHL’s top player makes a return to the Penguins lineup this year will become an even bigger story.