Sidney Crosby’s status is still in limbo, with no clear window for his return


Forgive us for sounding like broken records, but the latest news on Sidney Crosby is that – while coach Dan Bylsma says he’s “getting better” – there really hasn’t been much tangible progress for the Pittsburgh Penguins’ concussed star.

He could be back in a month, deep into the playoffs or possibly not again until the 2011-12 season.

That’s the nature of the beast with concussions, but give the Penguins credit. A less patient team might try to rush him back, but the franchise seems to understand the importance of protecting his health. Besides, with Evgeni Malkin out for the season, the team’s ceiling is lower anyway. So why run the risk of the 23-year-old center becoming the next Eric Lindros or Marc Savard when he could have 15 years or more of hockey left in front of him?

Anyway, there’s still no time table for Crosby’s return. We’ll let you know if the team releases any more conclusive information regarding his concussion situation.