Peter Forsberg cuts his comeback short, could this finally be it?

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After playing just two games for the Colorado Avalanche after missing three years of NHL action, the seemingly inevitable happened: Peter Forsberg decided to cut his comeback short.

Forsberg has been dealing with injury issues for a big chunk of his career, with foot ailments giving him the biggest problems over the last few years. That’s the issue that reportedly cut his latest comeback bid short.

Of course it’s dangerous to say “never,” but it’s hard to imagine Foppa taking another kick at the can. He simply cannot get healthy and didn’t do particularly well in his two games back, going pointless with a -4 rating.

It’s a bummer that he couldn’t play a bit more, but at least he didn’t belabor the point considering the fact that he just wasn’t healthy or productive enough to make a difference. If nothing else, Forsberg can be sure that he gave it one more honest try.

Unless, he tries again, that is.