Peter Forsberg could make comeback decision as early as Sunday


On some level, Peter Forsberg – even a relatively healthy version – isn’t precisely what the Colorado Avalanche need. After all, the team’s biggest struggles are on defense. Only the Edmonton Oilers allow more goals per game (3.33) than the Avalanche (3.31).

Then again, if the objective is to simply win enough scoring slug-fests as possible, “Foppa” may still be a reasonable addition if he can play in a decent amount of games. Many people wonder if the aging former star is worth the trouble, but he still was a point per game player in recent years. Perhaps the Avalanche need to handle him like the Houston Rockets attempted to adapt to Yao Ming’s perennial feet issues: by deliberately limiting the amount of games he can play. That could mean putting him in a position to succeed (offensive zone face-offs, power play ice time and no penalty kill duties) while holding him out of back-to-back contests.

Of course, it all comes down to two things:

1. If the Avalanche genuinely believe he can bring something to the table.

2. If Forsberg is willing to fight through the pain and acknowledge his own physical limitations.

It’s reasonable that many people following the situation are less than optimistic, but you cannot begrudge the 36-year-old forward for trying. The Avalanche are also being logical in looking at him considering their recent struggles. They are on a three game losing streak and only have one win in their last six games. reports that Forsberg and the Avs could make a decision on his future “very soon.” The reason why that choice could come as soon as Sunday is simple: he won’t be able to continue skating with the team and getting closer to playing form unless he signs a contract with the team.

Anyone who has been following the on-again, off-again Forsberg soap opera should know that there’s a “boy who cried wolf” element to this process, but we’ll keep you updated if the two sides come to a consensus. However temporary that might be.

The Avs provided video footage of his most recent practice, if you want to judge for yourself if the gingerly skating forward should continue his comeback attempt.

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