Postponed Avalanche-Blues game moved to February 22nd; how the change will affect both teams

As you likely know, what was supposed to be an Avalanche-Blues game on Tuesday, February 1st was postponed due to the weather issues in St. Louis. The NHL announced that the game will now be played on Tuesday, February 22nd.

Both teams are in the Western Conference playoff bubble muck right now, with Colorado in 10th place at 56 points and St. Louis still in it with 51. The schedule change could have a fairly big impact, so here’s how that game will look for both teams.

Context for St. Louis on Feb. 22:

February 18: at Buffalo

Feb. 19: home vs. Anaheim

Feb. 21: home vs. Chicago

Feb. 22: home vs. Colorado

Feb. 24: at Vancouver

Feb. 25: at Edmonton

So the Blues will play a whopping six games in eight days because of the schedule change, with three sets of back-to-back games.

Context for Avs on Feb. 22:

Feb. 19: at San Jose

Feb. 22: at St. Louis

Feb. 23: vs.  Edmonton

Feb. 26: at Los Angeles

Feb. 27: at Anaheim

As you can see, the Avalanche will have a bit better luck than the Blues overall. That being said, the Avs will face a stretch in which five of their six games will be on the road and get a new back-to-back with the schedule change.


Overall, this postponement might not be great for either team, but executives were right in moving the game anyway. It seems to fall in line with a striking run of bad luck for St. Louis this season, though.

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