2011 NHL SuperSkills – Fans choose Alex Ovechkin as winner of Breakaway Challenge

It’s the NHL’s version of the slam dunk contest and Alex Ovechkin won the vote of the NHL fans to take home the Breakaway Challenge championship for the third time. This time around, Ovechkin used a from-the-knees shot done like a pool cue poke home past Marc-Andre Fleury.

Stealing the show tonight with their attempts were Corey Perry with his lacrosse-like puck-on-blade handling to try and beat Fleury as well as Montreal’s P.K. Subban who won the support of the crowd by donning Jeff Skinner’s jersey for his attempts. Fleury kept things lively during all the attempts by doing spins and push-ups before the skaters would approach the net. After seeing 24/7 we can only imagine what Fleury might’ve been saying to them as they approached.

Team Staal took a 12-2 lead after two events thanks to Ovechkin’s victory.

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