Poll results: PHT readers pick Team Staalbrien over Team Yerdstrom

Using the actual roster pool for this weekend’s 2011 NHL All-Star Game and the rules designated by the NHL (each team’s goalies must be drafted by round 10; all defensemen by round 15), Joe and I made the selections for Team Lidstrom and Team Staal. (Or as someone wrote on Twitter, Team Yerdstrom vs. Team Staalbrien.)

Check out my roster here.

Check out Joe’s roster here.

For the sake of fun and sport, we asked PHT readers to vote to choose which fictional team would win a hypothetical all-star game between Team Yerdstrom and Team Staalbrien.

It looks like PHT readers preferred my blend of chemistry (Sedin twins and Claude Giroux-Danny Briere combo), hard shots (Shea Weber, Dustin Byfuglien and Zdeno Chara) and semi-villains (Corey Perry and Phil Kessel). Surely Joe will drown his sorrows in delicious barbecue sauce, the scamp. Here are the poll results:

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We’ll find out how similar our teams are to the real All-Star squads tonight. Stick with PHT for the details.

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