Security agency returns 12 of 30 autographed jerseys stolen during Pat Burns’ funeral

When it comes to indefensible acts of villainy, there aren’t many things that can top stealing from an aggrieved family during a funeral. That’s exactly what happened during Pat Burns’ funeral, as someone reportedly stole suitcases that contained 30 autographed jerseys from the car of Line Gignac (Burns’ widow) on November 30th.

The jerseys were meant to be sold in a charitable auction, but instead, they were missing in action in a despicable act of theft.

While more than half of the missing jerseys still need to be accounted for, the QMI Agency reports that a security agency returned 12 of the 30 autographed jerseys to Burns’ family.

Let’s hope that the other 18 jerseys resurface so that Burns’ family – and whomever else might have benefited from the auctions – can move on and recover from the great coach’s loss.

Denis Morin, a project manager with the Montreal security company, said it all started with a phone call earlier this week.

“It was a call from someone who’s helped us out before,” Morin said in an interview. “She said she had something to give us and said it was the jerseys signed (for) Pat Burns.”

The woman handed over 12 of 30 missing jerseys a few days later.

“We’re hoping to get all the jerseys,” Morin said. “We hope this visibility, which shows we did indeed return the jerseys, will encourage people to return the rest.”

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