Pension Plan Fund reps say they did not receive ‘firm offer’ to sell Toronto Maple Leafs

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There were quite a few eyebrows raised when the Toronto Sun cited anonymous sources who claimed that media company Rogers would attempt to acquire the Toronto Maple Leafs (along with other Toronto entities, including the NBA’s Raptors) in a $1.3 billion mega deal.

Well, at least one group of people are shooting down the rumors: the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, a group with a substantial ownership stake in the Maple Leafs and Raptors franchises.

The Associated Press reports that Jim Leech, President and CEO of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, said that they never received a “firm offer” for the team, which is an interesting turn of phrase that could mean plenty of things. It could be a sign that these are unfounded rumors just as easily as it could mean that they are simply being coy about very real discussions.

So does this mean the Leafs won’t be sold? Not necessarily. We’ll keep an eye on this situation to see if it develops.