Poll results: Readers also like the Ducks’ alternate uniforms

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(It’s been a poll results filled night. If you want to know how PHT readers feel about the Columbus Blue Jackets’ new third jerseys click here or if the referees made the right call when they disallowed a goal because of Chris Pronger’s antics go here.)

While I admit that I don’t mind the Blue Jackets’ third jerseys, the Anaheim Ducks unveiled new alternate uniforms of their own this weekend that beat the Columbus duds in at least one category: uniqueness. While Columbus aped the styles of the Pittsburgh Penguins, St. Louis Blues and Florida Panthers, the Ducks’ design was all their own.

It features the team’s logo in a bigger way than ever before, sports the team’s old Disney logo as the shoulder patch and perhaps the best/worst part: it has a heavy helping of orange.

Personally, I like it. It’s interesting, fairly sharp and different. But let’s see how PHT readers felt about it.

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Much like the other polls of the night, it was a landslide victory. This one was a slight bit more lopsided, even, as more than 71 percent said that they like the new Ducks alternate uniforms.

Every now and then, a third jersey becomes a team’s main look. If you ask me, the Ducks would be wise to consider switching to those.