Poll results: PHT readers agree with Olli Jokinen’s three game suspension

It’s not every day that the NHL and its fans reach a consensus, but in the case of Olli Jokinen’s senseless cross-check on Wojtek Wolski, it seems like that is the case. For the most part, at least.

After learning that the league handed Jokinen a three game suspension for the act, we decided to ask PHT readers how they felt about the situation.

As you can see from the poll results below, the largest group of readers agreed that three games is an appropriate punishment for Jokinen’s actions. Considering the kind of criticism (some justified, some a little bit excessive) thrown Colin Campbell and the NHL’s way, I imagine they would be glad to hear about every little bit of positive reinforcement.

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As you can see, “three games was just right” received the most votes (33 of 91, for 36.26 percent) while 22 voters thought he should have received more games, 24 thought he should have received less and 12 voters believed there shouldn’t have been a suspension at all.

It’s always nice to find out how readers feel regarding the league’s decisions and it’s honestly a bit refreshing to find out that the hockey world can come to some kind of agreement on things from time to time.

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