Goal of the Night: Derek Boogaard (November 9)

After going 234 games without scoring a single goal, Derek Boogaard scored the best goal of the night on Tuesday.

Unlike the last goal he scored all the way back in 2007, this one wasn’t a sloppy one scored on a near-accident. Instead, it was the hockey equivalent of a slam dunk.

Washington Capitals defenseman Tyler Sloan shied away from contact close to the blue line, allowing Boogaard to get enough of a jump to unleash a slap shot that boomed past Michal Neuvirth for one of the most stunning goals of the 2010-11 season.

The highlight of that clip might be the stunned look on Bruce Boudreau’s face. That shocking look really says it all, so I decided to grab a screen shot of it.

Sorry, coach Boudreau, but I had to capture that glance. It was just too great to let go.

Congrats to “The Boogey Man.” Let’s hope his next one is as exciting as this one was … whenever that one comes.

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