A gallery of NHL-themed pumpkin designs

Sure, Halloween is technically on Sunday, but tonight is the REAL Halloween for many. Chances are you’re having your most raucous night of the “Halloweekend” tonight without the threat of work or school.

While carving pumpkins isn’t exactly rock star behavior, it’s one of the most beloved traditions associated with this candy-packed holiday.

If you’re obsessed with hockey, then you might want to design an NHL-themed pumpkin. You might be hard-pressed to top some of the very “involved” pumpkins hockey fans have already provided.

NHL.com features some of the best designs from its Facebook fans page. Here are a few of the highlights.

The full gallery can be found here.

(That would be a very cool rendition of Columbus Blue Jackets forward Rick Nash. All photos via NHL.com.)

So which one is your favorite? The Habs one gets bonus points for jersey numbers, the Nash pumpkin is very elaborate while the others look cool in their own right (the Capitals one is impressive too).

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