Bruins star Marc Savard showing improvement


Injured Bruins star Marc Savard continues to show improvement in recovering from post-concussion syndrome. He’s been informally skating of late and Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli updated everyone on Savard’s progress and things are looking up according to Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe.

”Savvy had a real good skate–a lot harder than anything so far,” said an upbeat Chiarelli. ”He was moving. He is starting to ramp it up.”

With Savard eventually returning to the Bruins lineup, salary cap worries will be the next thing on Chiarelli’s plate, and he says that should it come down to it, stashing a high-salaried player in the AHL will be an option open to them.

”If we have to warehouse someone in the minors, we’ll do that,” said Chiarelli. ”I don’t want to do it, but I will do it, if it becomes necessary.”

It’s just the way the NHL works in the salary cap world, but I know that if I was either Michael Ryder or even Blake Wheeler, I’d start wondering if I’ll be playing in Boston by the time December rolls around when it seems that Savard and Marco Sturm will be ready to come back to the Bruins lineup. While the B’s could still trade guys away to free up space, the chances of dealing off a guy like Ryder with a $4 million cap hit seems unlikely.