Yesterday's waivers go un-claimed, Matt Lashoff and Nathan Paetsch are sent down today

lashofftriestoplayd.jpgSometimes no news is good news. Today’s non-news is probably good for teams and half-good for players, as everyone demoted to the minors yesterday will remain with those organizations at that level.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports that no one placed on waivers yesterday was claimed today while the Toronto Maple Leafs put Matt Lashoff and the Florida Panthers put Nathan Paetsch on waivers this Wednesday.

All players who were on waivers yesterday have cleared. Toronto puts Lashoff on waivers; Fla puts Paetsch on waivers. That is all. Quiet day

Today is the deadline for NHL teams to get under the salary cap, so there still might be some interesting developments. We’ll keep you informed as news breaks as teams slip under the maximum level.

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