Mike Comrie faces lawsuit over missed car payments

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Thumbnail image for Duffrie-GettyImages.jpgMike Comrie isn’t one of the NHL’s highest paid players by any means, but chances are he rubs shoulders with some big spenders in his role as Mr. Hillary Duff. That lifestyle might be catching up to Comrie a bit, though, as the Ottawa Sun reports that he’s being sued regarding missed car payments.

The veteran NHLer is being sued by a finance company after allegedly failing to pay installments for the 2009 Mercedes-Benz CL550 back in 2008.

According to court documents filed at Los Angeles Superior Court, the company’s bailiffs tried to repossess the car but Comrie “refused to allow Plaintiff possession”, reports TMZ.com.

The papers claim they are demanding Comrie pays off the rest of his contract, which comes in at $103,398.

$103,398 isn’t much less than Comrie’s $500K salary with the Pittsburgh Penguins (and that’s before taxes, living expenses and the cost of hair products), so hopefully he saved up a bit from his old contracts.

It’s hard to believe that players struggle with money – even on the lower end of the league’s pay scale – but stories like these show that it’s not that uncommon.