Take a look at the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup rings


It’s almost time to start the 2010-11 season, but the Chicago Blackhawks continued the celebration of this summer’s Cup victory by displaying their new championship rings last night. Team owner Rocky Wirtz shared two photos of the team’s opulent (I’m sure you want me to throw the word “bling” in there, you scamps) Cup rings.

First, here’s an “overhead” view of the ring:


(click to enlarge, photo via the Chicago Blackhawks)

Next, a “side” view of the ring:


(Click to enlarge, JOSTENS_DESIGNS_CHICAGO_PRN8[1].JPGThis certainly puts things into perspective when you hear about the Blackhawks having financial problems. Perhaps we’ve uncovered where all the money the team lost went to. $30,000 gets you a lot of bling.