Sergei Samsonov has 'full sensation' in extremities, could be released from hospital tonight

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Considering that the only information provided regarding Sergei Samsonov’s injury tonight involved him being taken off the ice on a stretcher and sent to an Atlanta-area hospital after hitting the boards head-first, I naturally worried about extreme injuries. Could it be a concussion or, even worse, some form of a broken neck or even paralysis? One’s imagination can fill in some terrible blanks in these situations.

It’s probably too early to rule out the possibility of a concussion, but the Carolina Hurricanes just released some good news about the state of Samsonov.

Sergei Samsonov is at hospital for precautionary testing, but has full sensation & team is hopeful he’ll be released tonight

“Full sensation” indicates that paralysis is not a likely possibility, which is fantastic news. The fact that he might be released from the hospital as early as tonight shows that the injury might not be too severe – in fact, it might not be a big deal at all. Of course, the immediate worries were about bigger picture problems like Samsonov not walking again, so I’d wait a little while before penciling into the Hurricanes lineup again.

We’ll keep you up to date on the situation tonight, tomorrow and on as the team learns more about his condition. So far, the news is pretty good, though.

Update: Doug Abrams passed along a note that the injury might just be a “sprained neck.” We’ll see if the team confirms this report tomorrow.