Bruce Boudreau quashes rumors about Tomas Fleischmann and Eric Belanger

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bruceboudreau1.jpgIf you’re a Capitals fan and you’ve been fretting about the possibility that Tomas Fleischmann might be traded, head coach Bruce Boudreau is here to calm your nerves and talk you off the ledge. The Sporting News’ Craig Custance got word from the Caps head coach that the offensively-gifted forward wasn’t going anywhere.

Fleischmann, a talented left winger, was the center of trade rumors this summer, but Boudreau said it’s time to end the speculation.

“Oh yeah. Those trade rumors, I think you can faithfully put all of them to bed,” Boudreau told Sporting News. “We laugh at so many of them that have no substance. I don’t know who makes them up. Some people have very vivid imaginations.”

Fleischmann’s name came up as a possible candidate to be moved when it was reported that unrestricted free agent center Eric Belanger was going to sign with the Capitals. That still hasn’t happened.

“There is no Belanger deal,” Boudreau said.

That helps kill two different rumors as Belanger has been rumored to be headed to Washington while Fleischmann would be headed out of town to make room for him. If Boudreau keeps this up, he’ll be reviled on the Internet for crushing rumors as soon as they pop up.